Teaser poster for Cabin in the Woods teases brilliantly

Dec 01 // Jamie R Stone

Perhaps one of the most done-to-death subgenres of Horror, the "cabin in the woods" archetypal film usually employs a "killer on the loose" or "a crazy ghost bent on wreaking havoc on the living." At first, Cabin in the Woods seemed no different, but something tells me that this long-in-development, Joss Whedon-produced, Drew Goddard-directed film will be quite a different story and one that might possibly have you scratching your head afterward.

Perhaps it's this new Rubik's cube-inspired teaser poster that has me intrigued. It's reminiscent of Saw in the sense that not everything is as it appears to be. It also reminds me of Cube the way that there may be a set of rules to follow about this cabin in order to escape it... However, this is all just blue-sky thinking. Feel free to draw your own conclusions and set yourself up to be completely wrong when you finally see the film in theaters on April 13... Yeah, that's right. FRIDAY THE 13th, 2012. Two ominous black omen dates to freak you out while you watch.

Check out the teaser poster for Cabin in the Woods after the jump.

[Via FirstShowing]

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