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Doctor Who

The next Doctor will be announced on Sunday

2:00 PM on 07.14.2017 // Matthew Razak

Please be a woman

This coming Christmas Peter Capaldi will be leaving the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who and someone new will be taking over. Rumors have been flying left and right over who will be the next Doctor with rumors swirling around every actor who has ever lived. Well, we'll finally know who the next Doctor will be this Sunday. The official Doctor Who Twitter account released this video letting us all know that we'll know who the next Doctor is after the Wimbledon final is over. 

There's very little to go on in this teaser, and it probably isn't anything more than a teaser. One does wonder, though, why the key to the TARDIS is sitting in the middle of nowhere. Could the Doctor possibly lose it during the Christmas special? 

Much of the odds have gone towards a younger, male actor taking over because the BBC wants to return to the glory days of ratings and merchandise that was David Tenant. I suppose that would be nice and all, but I really think a female Doctor, if cast right, would be absolutely fantastic and lead to a truly renewed interest in the show. Capaldi's run has been amazing in my opinion, but the general public wasn't as engaged with him for whatever reason (possibly Moffat got a little too into the mythos, people are watching differently, or maybe it is his age). The point being a real shake up would pull people back in by surprising them, whereas a younger male lead might just seem more of the same.

Either way new show Chris Chibnall is going to have quite the challenge in front of him. 

Matthew Razak, Editor-in-Chief
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