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Superman: Red Son

There may or may not be a Superman Red Son movie in the works

3:30 PM on 06.28.2017 // Anthony Marzano

The divination of reading tweet leaves

Alright stick with me here as this gets a bit confusing. Recently comic Mark Millar tweeted a joke to Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts about him looking like a bearded Batman, to which Vogt-Roberts lamented that it reminded him of a pitch he gave to the heads of the DC Movie universe for a potential Superman: Red Son adaptation.

Freeze frame. Superman: Red Son is a "what if?" limited comic series where instead of landing in the corn fields of Smallville, Kansas, Kal-El lands in pre-WW2 Ukraine and is raised to be the very symbol of the Communist party. It is written by Mark Millar himself and features in my opinion some of the best variations on the main DC characters. For example Hal Jordan, aka the Green Lantern, leads an entire squadron of Marines who all have been given the ring of power. And Batman? Batman is an ushanka wearing anarchist that punches Communist Superman in the face.

It's an awesome take on the whole diverging universe theory and I highly suggest you read the book as it's only 3 issues and one of my favorites. Unfreeze frame.

Back to twitter, upon hearing that Vogt-Roberts was turned down, Millar revealed that two of his friends had been pitched the prospect of adapting the comic in the past two months which according to Vogt-Roberts would be after the time he himself pitched the movie to the executives. The conversation then evolved into one about the validity of doing alternate universe comic stories and if the general public would be accepting of it.

The real takeaway for me is that DC possibly after seeing the success of Logan which in itself was based on an alternate universe story is looking to cash in on the possibilities of diverging from the established timeline. As of now there hasn't been any confirmation about the prospective project from DC and I don't expect to hear anything for at least a little while but it's something I'll look forward to in the future.

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