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This is Captain America's kickass post-credits scene

2:00 PM on 07.18.2011 // Alex Katz

I know that, like me, you guys probably are psyched for Captain America: The First Avenger. Well, if you click below the jump, you can find out what you're going to see in the post-credits coda. All the spoiller-y fun is below the cut, but just to be clear, it's not a SPOILER, so much as ruining a surprise. Enjoy it, if you dare, below the jump!

[Via Indie Wire]


While we won't be watching the Avengers assemble until next year, you can get your first glimpse at Marvel's first massive team-up movie after the credits of Captain America: The First Avenger. It's been a running tradition for Marvel to include these little codas to the end of every film, helping to set up the films to come. The only one that wasn't included in theaters was The Incredible Hulk's lost scene featuring Hulk, raging in the Arctic, unwittingly uncovering Captain America himself, frozen in ice. Now, though, to get an actual trailer for the movie many of us are the most excited for next year? Nice move, Marvel. Sincerely.

There are bootleg versions of the trailer running around the Internet, if you want them. We'll not be posting anything on Flixist until the official release hits, though, because who really wants to see a bunch of muddy, unclear figures running around and doing things you can't see? It'll be in HD and beautiful by the end of the week, mark my words, so be patient, and you'll see it soon.


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