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Tom Hardy & Noomi Rapace in talks for Animal Rescue drama

2:00 PM on 12.18.2012 // Liz Rugg

This header basically sums up my reaction to this casting news. "PUPPIES! Oh, also Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace will probably be there too."

Rapace and Hardy are two actors who seem to be gaining popularity this year, staring in some of 2012's biggest blockbusters; Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises respectively. Now they're reportedly teaming up to star in a movie about - wait for it - abused dogs. Aaawww. Penned by Shutter Island writer Dennis Lehane, Animal Rescue will center around a bartender who rescues a dog from the garbage and then gets into some trouble with the dog's abusive and dangerous former owner.

There's no official word yet on who Rapace will play, possibly a love interest, but wouldn't it be amazing if she played the dog role instead? Like, just in a dog costume? Or what if the dog role is played by a dog but they use CGI to make the dog talk? The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned as more dog-related details are sniffed out about Animal Rescue.

[via First Showing]

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