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Toonami, Production I.G producing two more seasons of FLCL

6:00 PM on 03.24.2016 // Geoff Henao

FLCL 2: Less Fooly, More Cooly

Excuse me for the brevity of this post, but man oh man. As of an hour ago (at time of publication), Toonami announced that they will be co-producing new episodes of FLCL alongside Production I.G. Together, they will produce two new seasons of the fan favorite anime series, with each season running for six episodes.

Production I.G, which anime fans will recognize as the anime studio behind Attack on Titan, Kuroko's Basketball, and the recent remakes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell (amongst many others), acquired the rights to FLCL from Gainax last August.

I know of at least one New Yorker who's crying tears of joy over this news. If you are, too, let us know what has you the most excited about more FLCL in the comments below!

Edit: Toonami, not Adult Swim, is co-producing new FLCL. The original header read "Adult Swim, Production I.G producing two more seasons of FLCL".

[via Toonami's Facebook]

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