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Trailer: Grown Ups 2

6:00 PM on 04.03.2013

Adam Sandler's new self-torture porn extravaganza shows itself off in a new HILARIOUS COMEDY FUN FUN trailer for Grown Ups 2, sequel to the not-so-critically acclaimed Grown Ups. Instead of making great pictures with a good solid core like Click, Sandler has once again made a home run with our hearts with a fantastic romp through awful comedy!

Sandler's career reads almost like a Shakespearean tragedy. A man meant for so much greatness, who held so much potential, now reduced to the likes of Jack and Jill and now this FUN-FILLED FAMILY THRILLER Grown Ups franchise. I'd make a comment such as 'More like Groan Ups hurr hurr' but by now I don't want to halve my intelligence by being two sentences away from the monstrosity that is this thing.

[via Collider]

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