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Trailer: High School

8:00 PM on 04.05.2012

Bob Muir

Associate Editor

Look out, it's another high school movie with possibly the most simplistic name ever: High School! Oh wait, they're doing drugs? Oh, so it's High School, since they're getting high...yep, still a boring title.

This 90-minute romp follows the upstanding school valedictorian, who tries a little weed for the first time, only to find out that the mean ol' principal has just instituted mandatory drug tests for the whole student body. Not wanting to lose his scholarship, he teams up with his stoner friend to game the system by feeding all the teachers and students pot brownies, making everyone fail to cover his tracks. However, they have to steal the weed from drug dealer Psycho Ed (Adrien Brody), who is obviously not happy about losing his entire stash and plans to hunt them down.

It's just a set-up for a school to act silly and cause pandemonium, but from the trailer, it looks like High School provide some dumb fun. Plus, Adrien Brody acting all wigged out could be weird enough to see on its own.

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Bob Muir
Associate Editor follow
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