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Trailer: Il Futuro

4:00 PM on 01.14.2013 // Thor Latham

Sexy human drama

Warning: Ever so slightly NSFW

The folks over at Indiewire have nabbed themselves an exclusive trailer to the upcoming Sundance film Il Futuro, starring the legendary Rutger Hauer and the beautiful Manuela Martelli. Hauer plays a blind ex B-movie star who spends his reclusive days alone in his mansion. Martelli plays the seductive Bianca, who builds a relationship with the old blind man in an attempt to infiltrate his house and locate a safe filled with something valuable. Of course, human emotion gets in the way and Bianca begins to develop feelings for the actor, complicating matters for her and her cohorts.

It looks like a very sexy drama, and I'm eager to see Hauer in an outright dramatic role, especially since the last film I saw him in was Hobo With a Shotgun, a fun but completely absurd farce. Il Futuro will premiere at The Sundance Film Festival in just a few short days.

[via The Playlist]

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