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Inside Llewyn Davis

Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis

3:00 PM on 01.24.2013 // Thor Latham

A new film from the Coen brothers, those magnificent men

The Coen brothers are essentially living legends at this point in their career, and so there are a great many fans of their work who would watch anything they happen to release, myself included. With that in mind, this trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis has me excited indeed, and not just because the Coens directed it. Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan co-star, and I will love them always and forever for their roles in Drive.

The film follows Llewyn Davis (Isaac), a struggling folk musician who is trying to find a place in the world for himself and his music all the while dealing with the fallout from his previous relationship. It has the subtle humor of a Coen bros. film, and it has the John Goodman of a Coen bros. film, so I think we definitely have a real Coen bros. film here. If there's anything that feels different, it's that I'm catching glimpses of something a bit deeper in Isaac's portrayal of Davis, and that's a good thing. A very good thing. Unfortunately no release date has been given, but if you happen to be lucky enough Sony is screening the film at the theater on their studio lot early next month. 

[Thomas on Hollywood via IndieWire]

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