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Trailer: John Dies at the End

5:00 PM on 10.29.2012 // Nick Valdez

John Dies at the End, by David Wong, is a fantastical mess of a book. As a film adaptation, well...Allistair gave the film a 65 when he reviewed it for Sundance a while back. While that's a good score, the film most likely fails because it's full of so many "Seriously?" and "wut?" moments. That's probably hard to translate to film well. By the looks of this trailer (releasing January 25th next year, but will be available on iTunes December 27th), the film looks to embrace the wackiness completely. 

Since the first trailer went for complete horror, this new trailer chooses to emphasize the quirkier aspect of the text. Like the name of the super drug, "soy sauce", the wacky voice over in the trailer, and some of the more comedic aspects. So, check out the trailer and then take a look at the colorful new poster which capitalizes on that humor in the gallery. 

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