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Trailer: Knights of Badassdom

4:00 PM on 01.28.2013

Logan Otremba

Associate Editor

Alright, so I will say that off the bat that we've covered this trailer before. However, this is the first official trailer for the film. So that means we'll be seeing it sometime in 2013; they probably obtained a distributor not too long ago after it being filmed back in 2010. So here's why I want to see this despite it's somewhat amateurish look.

First off, Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones is in this. Joining him is Summer Glau from Firefly, Danny Pudi from Community, Steven Zahn from Treme, and Ryan Kwanten from True Blood. The cast only makes it a potentially decent to funny film.

Second thing is that the plot revolves around how a group of people in a role-playing game manage to summon a succubus. Something from their fantasy world manages to actually come to life and starts killing people left and right.

It just looks like one of those films where the actors and actresses had fun filming, looks silly, and just plain-old entertaining. This would get me into LARPing if they could only guarantee real demons and monsters coming to life. That and who wouldn’t want to use a real sword to slay a demon?

[via Ain’t It Cool]

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