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Trailer: Les Miserables

12:00 PM on 05.30.2012 // Alec Kubas-Meyer

Les Miserables is my favorite musical, so I have been (and still am) very excited to see the end product of Tom Hooper's adaptation of the adaptation. After a flood of good news, we finally got some images, and they look great. Now we have a trailer, and... I'm slightly conflicted. 

It looks amazing. The costumes, sets, lighting, everything looks brilliant. But I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Hathaway's vocal performance. It's not that it's bad. It's just different from the way I'm used to hearing it, and I'm not sure if it's different in a good way or not. I've been putting it on loop in the background while writing this to see if it would grow on me, and it did. It's possible that the way they cut the song also impacted the way I felt about it. They cut it pretty hard to keep the trailer short and teaser-y. And I imagine it will work better in context with the scene itself anyway.

Regardless, I am super excited to see how this whole thing turns out. I want more trailers with more songs, so I can get a better sense of what I'll be hearing come December. So hopefully we get some of those soon.

This is going to be amazing.

[Via IndieWire]

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