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Trailer: Lovely Molly

9:00 AM on 04.05.2012 // Jenika Katz

Horror fans, are you ready for something new? Lovely Molly is about a woman who buys a haunted house, and she's the only one who can see the ghosts within...until it's too late. I know, right? I haven't heard of any movies like that before! Can you imagine a horror movie that takes place inside a creepy house? Wild! It's by the people who make The Blair Witch Project, so you can expect a lot of conjecture about whether it's real or not.

You know what would be cool? If she was actually crazy and there was nothing wrong with the house. Better yet, what if it was a movie about a haunted horse? That's only one letter off from a haunted house, and it's much fresher territory! I imagine a spooky-but-charming story about a girl and her ghost horse, and she learns a lot about life.

Jenika Katz, Former Editor
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