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Trailer: Madea's Witness Protection

4:00 PM on 04.18.2012 // Maxwell Roahrig

Oh look, Tyler Perry is doing another Madea movie. Great! Well, in the "People still watch this crap?" sense. Seriously, how is it that this guy can make a movie every year like some sort of sh*tty Woody Allen? Also, I thought we were done with the whole "wacky black guy dresses up as a woman because reasons" schtick a while ago.

Anyway, if you're in to rotting your brain, look for this to hit on June 29. God help us.

Maxwell Roahrig, Robocopologist
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Max was born at the tender young age of zero in town noted for its horses and baseball bats. He enjoys giraffes, , oft forgotten movies of the 90's, vaudeville, British comedies, and bicycling. H... more   |   staff directory

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