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Trailer: Oblivion

11:00 AM on 02.13.2013 // Matthew Razak

The plot thickens, still about Tom Cruise

Oblivion has gone from quite the mystery in its first trailer to quite the intriguing film in this one (HD here). We learn a lot more about the film's plot and the "enemy" that Tom Cruise will be fighting in this dystopian take on Earth's future. 

I must say that the film looked cool at first, but from recent trailers (saw an unreleased one before my A Good Day to Die Hard screening as well) its now down right interesting. While dystopian futures are nothing new, the entire memory slant that seems to be the crux of the film could deliver some very interesting plot twists. If nothing else it'll be good to see Tom Cruise actioning it up in a big blockbuster. Jack Reacher actually had me itching for more.

And in case you were confused about what aspect the marketing team on the film wanted to focus on for this film there's a new poster that is basically a massive image of Tom Cruise with a gun. We get it. Tom Cruise is in this movie. 

[via Collider]

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