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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Trailer: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

1:00 PM on 04.02.2013 // Nick Valdez

How exactly does the Percy Jackson series replace Uma Thurman as Medusa? With Stanley Tucci as Dionysus and Nathan Fillion as Hermes of course! Sure there are other folks here too, as the cast reunites for the second film, but I'm sure most of us who see this will only care about the names above. 

If you enjoyed Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief and were looking forward to the Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, then you'll be happy to know the trailer for SOM features the same amount of CG Greek mythological lunacy that the first film had as Percy needs to get the Golden Fleece from the Sea of giant lady parts metaphors Monsters in order to stop Cronos from being freed from his prison. The first film did well enough, so I expect the same here. Sea of Monsters hits shores August 16th. 

[via MTV]

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