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Trailer: Struck by Lightning

11:00 AM on 11.01.2012 // Nick Valdez


Struck by Lightning stars Chris Colfer, who also wrote the screen play (and is Kurt Hummel on Glee), as he is trying to start a literary magazine at his school in order to get into a good college and get out of his small town. Naturally he then gets picked on by high school stereotypes and eventually blackmails them into submitting a piece for his magazine. 

As I have utterly professed before, I'm a huge fan of Glee and it's great to hear that one of the stupidly talented individuals on that show is branching outside of it. While I'm curious as to how the film will turn out, the trailer doesn't excite me all that much. It's got some pep thanks to Rebel Wilson and a good amount of recognizable faces though (including that one girl Modern Family, that one girl from Awkward and Christina Hendricks). So I'll keep an eye on this when it hits VOD December 19th and a limited theater run January 11th. 


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