Trailer: The Internship

As if Google needed the product placement

5:00 PM on 02.14.2013

If you're not a fan of "fish out of water" comedies, then don't expect to The Internship to change your mind. As Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn lose their jobs and get an internship position at Google, they realize through some (sadly not great jokes) that they're: old, less smart than the other interns, and old some more. If the trailer is any indication of the final product (which I hope it isn't since Vaughn and Wilson seem to have their chemistry from Wedding Crashers), it's a "comedy" in the loosest sense. 

Again, that's only if you're tired of the "you're old," "kids are sooo weird now, am I right?, terrible slapstick comedy, and "[insert, somewhat funny at first, comic reference here]." 

[via YouTube]

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Trailer: The Internship photoTrailer: The Internship
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