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Trailer: The Last Stand

8:00 AM on 11.08.2012 // Nick Valdez

"I'm the sheriff...of Kelly-fornia."

The more I see of The Last Stand, the more I want it to exist. Unlike the first trailer, this new (and reportedly final) trailer for the film gives a little more info about the nature of its story rather than a collection of awesome shots (those are here in spades as well). Some guy named Gabriel Cortez (whose name Forest Whitaker just massacres) is using his drug cartel to escape from prison and cross the border to Mexico. Well, Arnie's Sheriff Ray is all like "Nuh uh to your uh huh yargagarya." Then there's shooty stuff, Arnie being a badass, and Luis Guzman playing the same guy he always is. 

Also, Lionsgate is holding a contest for The Last Stand. If you tweet the phrase, "Watch & Share the Exclusive #LastStandTrailer now for a chance to win!" you entered for a chance to attend the Last Stand's world premiere. While the chances of winning are most likely slim to nil, if one of you gets to win this and takes me with you, I'll love you forever. Seriously, I would do weird things to see this already. 

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