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This is the End

Trailer: This is the End (Red Band)

8:00 AM on 04.03.2013 // Nick Valdez

Emma Watson has an axe. You want to see this now, don't you?

This new Red Band trailer for This is the End has enough new content and hints of plot (it seems to be a biblical apocalypse) to help you figure out what kind of movie it's going to be. It's filled to the brim with comedians like Seth Rogen, James Franco (?), Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and it's going to feature a lot of big names from Rogen's circle in bit parts: McLovin, Scott Pilgrim, Mindy from The Mindy Project. It's pretty great at first, but then it unfortunately keeps going. 

As of right now the humor seems to stem from, "Hey look its [insert recongizable face here] doing [insert out of character action here]!" But even as I write this, the Milky Way bit had me rolling. Here's hoping the chemistry of the main cast (as themselves) carries the film into stoner cult status when it releases two days earlier than before. 

[via Machinima

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