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Truckload of new images from Thor

8:00 AM on 04.12.2011 // Jenika Katz

Thor will be in theaters in less than a month. We have a bunch of newly-released stills to help get you pumped. We mostly get to look at everyone in street clothes, but the few shots of the armor are looking pretty rad. Idris Elba in particular looks incredibly badass, probably to the fury of some people. Also, between this and Hesher, what's up with Natalie Portman playing a slightly nerdy chick in everything? Not that that's a bad thing, of course, but it seems like the start of a trend.

While we've known about most of the posters for a while now, there are a couple of new ones in there as well. While none of the face shots are terribly exciting, the only one that's truly odious is the red-tinted Chris Hemsworth. Check out the gallery to see everything.

[via Collider]

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