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Two behind the scenes clips from ParaNorman Blu-ray

11:00 AM on 11.27.2012

Thor Latham

Associate Editor

It releases today! Go buy it!

I reviewed ParaNorman back in August and found it to be pretty fantastic, due in no small part to the mind blowingly detailed stop-motion animation. With the Blu-ray/DVD releasing today, a couple of promotional clips have been dropped into our laps that hint at exactly how much work went into an animated film of this scope. They're incredibly short, but I still love getting insight into such a complicated form of film-making. With the movie releasing to home video today, I highly recommend its purchase. Such a fantastic display of traditional workmanship deserves as much support as we can give it.

The clip above shows the directors chatting about all the different types of people required to make a stop-motion animation film. Down below you'll find a little feature about how they went about animating the characters faces. This kind of stuff always fascinates me, so hopefully you guys find it just as interesting.

[via Cinema Blend]

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