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Untitled Marvel's Avengers Sequel releasing May 1st, 2015

1:30 PM on 08.16.2012 // Alex Katz

Disney has officially announced the release date for the upcoming Avengers sequel. It's May 1st, 2015. Joss Whedon, as we know, is returning to write and direct the film. No announcements have been made on which Avengers will be returning, so I'm immediately assuming that all of them die in the Marvel movies between now and 2015, and this is Marvel's chance to launch a Great Lakes Avengers series. It's absolute fact, according to me insider studio sources. I'm gonna give you guys a Nikki Finke-style TOLDJA TOLDJA TOLDJA when Captain America dies from old age in his upcoming sequel. Then I will end my own life, for nothing in this mortal life shall compare to the GLA on screen. Also, I'd be more like the horrible collection of cells and hatred that is Nikki Finke, and that's a fate much worse than death.

Also, the movie is referred to by the ungainly moniker of Untitled Marvel's Avengers Sequel, so in the Flixist email thread about this story, we're assuming the posters will just say UMAS: 2015, and Marvel is beginning a promotion with Una Mas restaurants. Hubert suggests Ultron head-shaped collector cups, collectable Infinity Gauntlets (with a different Infinity Gem in every meal!), and floormats with Wonder Man on them. Nick offers Hulk hand napkin covers and Thor chalupas covered in fermented trout. It'll all lead up to the UMAS/Una Mas crossover: Earth's Healthiest Burritos. What other Mexican delights should be marketed with UMAS? Make me laugh, and I'll send you a tortilla in the mail. This is a serious contest offer. I will actually stuff an authentic California tortilla into an envelope and send it to you. International readers welcome!

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