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Dragon (Wu Xia)

US poster for Dragon (Wu Xia) starring Donnie Yen

3:00 PM on 10.16.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

I caught Dragon (Wu Xia) earlier in the year during the New York Asian Film Festival and enjoyed it a whole lot. This period martial arts film stars the one and only Donnie Yen as a farmer with a dark past, and Takeshi Kaneshiro as a detective who finds out what secrets he's hiding. It's probably Donnie Yen's best movie, though not necessarily the best Donnie Yen movie. If you're a Yen fan, you probably understand the distinction.

Dragon (Wu Xia) finally hits stateside VOD on October 26th, and has a limited theatrical run slated for November 30th. The people over at Twitch premiered the official domestic release poster last night. It's just okay, I guess. A little generic (like the domestic title), and it doesn't have as much character as the Hong Kong posters with the striking greens and yellows. I've included the domestic poster and my favorite Hong Kong poster in the gallery.

In the meantime, post-production continues on Donnie Yen's latest action film, Special Identity (Dut Shu Sun Fun). The film features a rematch betwen Yen and Collin Chou, who tore it up like champs in the otherwise uneven Flash Point (Dou Fo Sin). To get you psyched for Special Identity, I've included the last fight from Flash Point after the cut.

[Via Twitch]

Donnie Yen vs. Collin Chou from Flash Point

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