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It's not a good idea to use your real name on the internet. Do setup a username in your profile, and please do mind your privacy -- especially if you're under 18. Hide it by creating a username (located on the top right corner > settings after you login in). Also check out our privacy settings to hide your bio from anyone you don't follow.

We've had to delete too many accounts when people suddenly realize that maybe it wasn't a good future career move to openly call another person a bulbonic shitlord. Please behave, beautiful people, as Google cache hardly forgets.

Forgot your password? It's ok, it happens to all of us.

Just your email above and then write RESET as your password and hit submit. We'll send you a link to reset it immediately. If that fails check your spam box or try another email you may have used. You can also email us [email protected] for assistance.

Duplicate Account?

Your email address should be the same on your Facebook Settings and on our account. When we detect this, we merge your profile together. Otherwise, our silly robot driving this car will think you're two different people.

Subscribers with perks

Your upgraded membership is accepted across all of our sites, but each site uses its own accounts. You must Facebook Connect (or) create a new account on each site and copy your membership number in your settings to link them. This way you can manage multiple secret identities simultaneously without having to pay for each.

Can't login despite resetting your password?

Somebody is eating your cookies, duder.

If you can still see people commenting right now on the home page, that means it's most likely not us: there's something unusual about your computer setup. Most commonly it's Adblockers, Antivirus, Anonymous Browsing, etc. which are notorious for breaking site logins. See if your Norton, McAffee, etc. aren't blocking cookies. Good security programs always run in the background, so closing the icon or right-clicking 'disable' doesn't mean they are fully shut down (Avast definitely does this). Try a different browser or in anonymous mode to help pinpoint the issue. In most cases you can fix it by whitelisting our domain (it varies by software).

Contacting Support

If all else fails click this support link email us and describe your problem. Please include your Browser, Operating System, etc. and be as specific as possible so we can nail it on the first try. If you need to contact someone else, please refer to our footer links below:

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