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May 30 // Xander Markham

Review: Shadow Dancer

Following in the footsteps of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Shadow Dancer is an absorbing period thriller about divided loyalties, instability in the British intelligence services, and the personal cost of political turmoil. Dir...
May 09 // Xander Markham

Review: Sightseers

In a year where Great Britain has been celebrated by its Queen's jubilee, a successful Olympics and the fiftieth anniversary of its greatest cinematic icon, there's something gleefully appropriate about the year's final sho...
Dec 03 // Xander Markham

First Poster for The Star Trek Ris... erm, Into Darkness

Our first look at Star Trek Into Darkness will be arriving as a nine-minute preview ahead of IMAX showings of The Hobbit, but for now we'll have to make do with a poster which is ostensibly new, but bears a striking resemblan...
Nov 30 // Xander Markham

Review: Killing Them Softly

[This review was originally posted in October to coincide with the UK release of Killing Them Softly. It has been reposted to coincide with the US release of the film.] Killing Them Softly currently holds a 95% 'Fresh' rating...
Nov 29 // Xander Markham

Quentin Tarantino talks retirement plans

In a directors' roundtable interview for Hollywood Reporter, Quentin Tarantino has admitted that he's already planning his eventual retirement from movie directing. The reason? In his view, the move to digital projection has...
Nov 27 // Xander Markham

Rumour: Joseph-Gordon Levitt as Justice League's Batman?

I'm going to assume everyone who wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises has seen it by now, so won't be skirting around spoilers - as though the headline hadn't given everything away already. At the end of the movie, Christian B...
Nov 21 // Xander Markham

Independence Day not being re-released in 3D after all

With sequels reportedly on the way, Fox has surprisingly opted to shelve a 3D re-release of 1996 alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day, which had been set for release on July 3rd 2013. No word has been given on any reas...
Nov 20 // Xander Markham

New images for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow's follow-up to the Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker just under a month away from its US release and a new poster and set of images have been released for your perusal. The movie stars the ubiquitous Jessica Chast...
Nov 16 // Xander Markham

Review: Anna Karenina

[This review was originally posted in September to coincide with the UK release of Anna Karenina. It has been reposted to coincide with the US release of the film.] After a run of trying-too-hard Oscarbait pictures, Joe Wrigh...
Nov 15 // Xander Markham

Rick Baker awarded star on Walk Of Fame

Legendary make-up and prosthetic artist Rick Baker is to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, recognising his iconic body of work over a career spanning more than forty years. While make-up artists are rarely recogni...
Nov 12 // Xander Markham

Anne Hathaway enters the Robopocalypse

Anne Hathaway is soon to grace our screens as Fantine in Les Misérables, while Steven Spielberg's biopic Lincoln is currently partying on, dudes, in New York and LA cinemas ahead of its nationwide release this Friday. ...
Nov 07 // Xander Markham

Review: Skyfall

[This review was originally posted last month for the UK release of Skyfall and as a finale to our Across the Bond series. It has been reposted to coincide with the US release of the film.] This review will be spoiler-free, ...
Nov 05 // Xander Markham

WB interested in Casablanca 2, incites global facepalming

A long-standing joke about creatively soulless Hollywood executives has a young buck standing up and proposing a sequel to the 1942 Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman classic, Casablanca. Inevitably, that joke is now threatening ...
Nov 01 // Xander Markham

Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots have a Need For Speed

Aaron Paul's award-winning run as the endearingly foul-mouthed meth dealer Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad is soon to come to an end, and in the meantime he has been earning rave reviews for his movie role alongside Mary Liz Wi...
Oct 30 // Xander Markham

First look at Jamie Foxx in White House Down

I had no idea that White House Down existed until just now, but am now completely in love with it. I have a weakness for really silly high concepts and this one sounds glorious: a Secret Service agent has to protect the Presi...
Oct 22 // Xander Markham

Across The Bond: The World Is Not Enough

Brosnan's third Bond movie has compelling villains, a more complex and character-driven plot, but also Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist. Such miscalculations unfortunately undermine the whole movie, and both Matt and I ...
Oct 22 // Xander Markham

Review: Everything Or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007

Running at a touch over an hour and a half, some might suspect Everything Or Nothing to be a glorified DVD extra given undue prominence and a limited UK release due to 2012 being the character's 50th anniversary year. The un...
Oct 18 // Xander Markham

MGM continuing Twilight without Pattinson or Stewart

Everyone loves R-Patz and K-Stew, correct? Him with his stupid hair and shiny face, her with her grumbly countenance and sloppy posture. Truly, 'tis a love story for the ages, except for when she cheated on him with a forty-y...
Oct 12 // Xander Markham

Across The Bond: Octopussy

Octopussy frequently gets dismissed because of its name, but is actually one of the strongest movies of the Moore era. Bond gets a complex and sensibly aged loved interest, the villain is as charismatic as he is cunning, ther...
Oct 11 // Xander Markham

Uma Thurman joins Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac

When bonkers Danish auteur Lars von Trier announced his intention to film a pornographic drama featuring genuine sex scenes and provocatively titled Nymphomaniac, plenty of people were wondering whether any vaguely respectabl...
Oct 09 // Xander Markham

Fifty Shades Of Grey movie ties down a writer

Not satisfied with dominating the book charts, E.L. James' Fifty Shades Of Grey is set to firmly assert itself onto the big screen with a movie adaptation. Lord knows how Universal are going to sneak a story about S&M pas...
Oct 05 // Xander Markham

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a movie, apocalypse to follow

Remember that time you read about Battleship, Monopoly and Stretch Armstrong being picked up for movie adaptations and snorted 'Yeah, when are they getting started on Hungry Hungry Hippos? Amiright?!' Hollywood just called your bluff, b*tch. [via LA Times]
Oct 04 // Xander Markham

Princess Bride author wants sequel, lacks ideas

Princess Bride author William Goldman has admitted that he'd love to write a sequel to his most beloved creation, adapted into an imminently quotable movie in 1987, but has absolutely no clue how he'd go about it. The quote c...
Oct 03 // Xander Markham

Casino Royale voted best Bond movie by fans

Have you noticed it's Bond Month here at Flixist? If you haven't, you need to check in with our Across The Bond feature pronto, unless you want to miss some shamelessly nerdy reflections on the series by Matt Razak and myself...
Sep 27 // Xander Markham

Nicolas Cage to star in Richard Kelly's Amicus

Director Richard Kelly hasn't exactly enjoyed a prosperous career since his breakout hit Donnie Darko met with widespread acclaim and pseudo-philosophical ramblings on high school campuses everywhere. His director's cut of th...
Sep 26 // Xander Markham

Gangster Squad director takes aim at Spy Hunter

Zombieland and Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer is reportedly attached to the on-again-off-again movie adaptation of arcade classic Spy Hunter, in which the player is given a tricked out spy car and tasked with blowing...
Sep 25 // Xander Markham

Thomas Vinterberg to adapt Far From The Madding Crowd

Period dramas are ten a penny these days, as someone from a period drama might say, so you need a writer or director with an interesting voice to put a witty spin on the exhausted genre. Even so, finding the right balance bet...
Sep 21 // Xander Markham

Skyfall's Bond girls get a video blog

Matt and I are ridiculously devoted Bond nerds, so expect extensive coverage of the fifty-year old series in the build-up to Flixist's Skyfall review next month. You'll hear more about that very soon, but in the meantime, th...
Sep 21 // Xander Markham

Review: Dredd

Many of the greatest pre-millennial action movies had a roughness to them which has been steadily smoothed out of the genre over the past ten years by inflated budgets and risk-averse studios. Len Wiseman's Total Recall re...
Sep 20 // Xander Markham

Director denied editing rights on Keanu Reeves' 47 Ronin

47 Ronin was already something of an oddity, being a 3D adaptation of an 18th century Japanese folk tale, which just so happened to star Keanu Reeves alongside an otherwise Japanese cast. The news that director Carl Rinsch ma...
Sep 19 // Xander Markham

New images from The Man With The Iron Fists

Music producer and Wu Tang Clan leader RZA is as much of a movie nerd as Quentin Tarantino, particularly when it comes to wushu, aka Chinese martial arts movies. Anyone who enjoyed Kill Bill - which should be everyone - shoul...
Sep 18 // Xander Markham

Review: The Sweeney

Ignoring such travesties as The Keith Lemon Movie (don't ask), British filmmaking has enjoyed something of a revival over the past two years. The Sweeney, a present-day adaptation of a popular '70s tv programme about 'ard as ...
Sep 12 // Xander Markham

Roger Deakins talks Skyfall and film vs digital

Roger Deakins is one of the most respected cinematographers working today, so when he weighs into the film vs digital debate, it's an opinion worth hearing. Turns out he comes down confidently on the side of digital, which w...
Sep 10 // Xander Markham

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel heads Into Darkness

J.J. Abram's Star Trek sequel, set for release in May of next year, will be titled Star Trek Into Darkness according to sources verified by TrekMovie. The name sounds a bit odd to me, not quite making sense since the Into Dar...
Sep 06 // Xander Markham

Paddy Considine joins Edgar Wright for The World's End

Paddy Considine will be reuniting with his Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright and co-stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for The World's End, the final instalment in their Three Colours Cornetto trilogy. The movie sees five ageing fr...
Sep 05 // Xander Markham

Trailer: Taken 2

Liam Neeson doesn't take kindly to people who don't watch Taken 2 trailers, and says so himself in his introduction to this latest one. It's a wonderfully silly touch, and hopefully signals that the previous movie's (very) d...
Sep 04 // Xander Markham

Trailer: Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

I like Gemma Arterton as much as the next human male, but this trailer for her next movie, Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters, is every bit as terrible as that title suggests. I suppose it's being marketed at the people who bo...
Aug 30 // Xander Markham

Trailer: Sightseers

Ben Wheatley's Kill List was battling it out with Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In to be my favourite movie of 2011, and the director returns for another shot at the title this year. Sightseers is a pitch black comedy ba...
Aug 29 // Xander Markham

Sony planning a console wars movie, not biased at all

Sony are reportedly planning a movie based around the video game console wars, which have mostly consisted of one multinational corporation shouting "My grafiks is bettar than ur grafiks lol" at one another across six year in...
Aug 28 // Xander Markham

Michael Fassbender lined up for Jane Got A Gun

Michael Fassbender is reportedly in talks to star alongside Natalie Portman in Jane Got A Gun, a Western to be directed by We Need To Talk About Kevin's Lynne Ramsey. The story concerns a young woman whose outlaw husband retu...

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