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Humanimals: Paulie
// Nick Valdez


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Jul 26 // Bob Muir

Warner Bros. delays Gangster Squad to reshoot gun scene

Remember the original teaser trailer for Spider-Man? It was a cool mini-movie, but because of 9/11, Sony decided to pull it because of the prominent appearance of the World Trade Center. Thanks to the shooting in Aurora at a ...
Jul 25 // Bob Muir

Dark Knight's Gotham City officially mapped

Batman's hometown of Gotham City has always been a nebulous area, never really getting an official location. Originally it was basically a renamed New York City, but then it was sort of right next to New York, and now DC trea...
Jul 24 // Bob Muir

Colin Mochrie reproduces Star Wars scenes with toys

I remember being really amused by the first few stop-motion recreations of movies in the early days of YouTube. The novelty wore off really quick. You know what hasn't yet? A grown-man shaking toys and making them talk. Coli...
Jun 21 // Bob Muir

Red Band Featurette: Ted

Seth MacFarlane's big-screen directoral debut, Ted, is coming out next week. It's natural that Universal would want to put out a red band trailer, but they've gone one step further and made a red band featurette that's certa...
Jun 12 // Bob Muir

Jim Henson Company animating Frog and Toad

The Jim Henson Company may be returning to filmmaking after half a decade. They've announced that they've acquired the rights to adapt Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad series of children's books. The four books were published thr...
May 24 // Bob Muir

Red Band Trailer: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is one of those ideas that's "just crazy enough to work." The idea of seeing one of America's most famous presidents go to town on vampires is totally out there, but sounds surprisingly awesom...
May 22 // Bob Muir

Tom Cruise to star in remake of The Magnificent Seven

So it looks like MGM is eyeing a remake of The Magnificent Seven, John Sturges's classic Western. I'd complain about Hollywood continuously remaking movies, but seeing as the original was already a remake of Akira Kurosawa's ...
May 18 // Bob Muir

Official timeline released for Marvel Cinematic Universe

This probably would have been better to release before The Avengers came out, but better late than never: Marvel has created this nice infographic that lays out the official timeline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It cove...
May 09 // Bob Muir

Universal in talks for Kick-Ass 2, may shoot in August

Well, it seems like Mark Miller may have been half-right. Universal is currently in talks with screenwriter Jeff Wadlow to put Kick-Ass 2 in production this August. The caveat here is that Wadlow isn't only writing the script...
May 08 // Bob Muir

The Campaign gets its first political attack ads

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are appearing as presidential candidates in the comedy The Campaign. Naturally, since the real-life presidential candidates are starting to air their attack ads, it makes sense for the...
May 01 // Bob Muir

Will Rihanna join the cast of Fast and Furious 6?

For director Justin Lin, Rihanna is the Only Girl (In the World) to play the villain in Fast and Furious 6, at least if The Daily Mail is to be believed. The sequel to Fast Five still only has a working title, which makes it ...
Apr 30 // Bob Muir

Trailer: Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding

Despite that enduring American work policy that emphasizes working extra hours just to look good, American movies continue to preach how important it is to not let your job define your life. The latest movie is Peace, Love, ...
Apr 27 // Bob Muir

Black Dynamite 2 shooting at the end of the year

While promoting Freaky Deaky, Michael Jai White spoke about a few of his upcoming projects. When asked about the return of Black Dynamite, he confirmed that they "hope to shoot Black Dynamite 2 at the end of the year." This s...
Apr 17 // Bob Muir

First Wreck-It Ralph poster is deliciously old school

The official poster is out for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, the story of a videogame villain who wants to be a hero in other arcade games. It's minimalistic, sporting the 8-bit visage of the main character Ralph from his game (or...
Apr 17 // Bob Muir

Dreamworks may adapt Need for Speed into a movie

It's time for another chapter of "How to Option IPs Based on Brand Value Alone." Past chapters have included properties like The Sims, a videogame about simulating boring everyday life, and Battleship, a simplistic board game...
Apr 12 // Bob Muir

Evil Dead 2 rotoscoped is like Take On Me with deadites

Fact 1: rotoscoping is awesome. Fact 2: Evil Dead 2 is awesome. So when someone rotoscopes Evil Dead 2? That's, like, awesome squared. Sadly, it's just the trailer, not the whole movie. But still, I love the look that studio...
Apr 11 // Bob Muir

Spider-Man's origin to be dragged out over multiple films

Part of the problem with doing a new Spider-Man origin film is that we just got one back in 2002. (Well, 2002 feels like it was only yesterday to me!) So unless you were too young to watch movies, you probably saw it and know...
Apr 05 // Bob Muir

Trailer: High School

Look out, it's another high school movie with possibly the most simplistic name ever: High School! Oh wait, they're doing drugs? Oh, so it's High School, since they're getting high...yep, still a boring title. This 90-minute...
Apr 03 // Bob Muir

Poster for Savages looks an awful lot like Babel

There's a new poster out for Savages, Oliver Stone's movie about pot growers pissing off the wrong Mexican drug cartel and having to deal with the consequences. It looks good, but it's not that original. Several other movie p...
Apr 02 // Bob Muir

Hammer Films planning sequel for The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black did pretty well for Hammer Films (over $110 million) and got some good reviews. So you know what that means: time to capitalize on success with some sequels! Hammer Films, Alliance Films, Cross Creek Pictur...
Apr 01 // Bob Muir

Lucas digitally swapping Jar Jar Binks with Jeff Goldblum

Star Wars fans have long bemoaned the horror that is Jar Jar Binks. Strange-looking in 1999, completely dated compared to modern CGI, and ever annoying, he is the symbol for everything wrong with the Star Wars prequels. What'...
Mar 15 // Bob Muir

The Bodyguard returning to theaters to profit on a death

Fathom Events can give whatever justification they want for why the 1992 film The Bodyguard is returning to theaters. They say it's to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film's release, and there is a 20th anniversary edit...
Feb 23 // Bob Muir

Live-action Bleach movie coming from...Warner Bros.?

[As originally posted on Japanator] Since Hollywood learned nothing from that stinker Dragonball: Evolution, it's decided to take another stab at adapting a popular fighting anime/manga franchise. This time around, it's ...
Feb 20 // Bob Muir

Kick-Ass 2 shoots this summer, says Mark Millar

You know that strange feeling you get when very optimistic announcements don't seem at all grounded in reality? Mark Millar has told The Daily Record a bunch of interesting, yet slightly implausible things about his collabora...
Feb 15 // Bob Muir

Ace Attorney to have US premiere at AM2 in June

Well, that was fast! Only two weeks ago, we were hearing plans for a localized release of Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban in Japan), Takashi Miike's adaptation of Capcom's courtroom videogame drama. Unlike most videogame movies...
Feb 14 // Bob Muir

Peter Venkman could be recast in Ghostbusters 3

Here's some depressing news. Picture a new Ghostbusters film, which we know could be awesome based on 2009's Ghostbusters: The Video Game, since it was basically a sequel. Now, replace Bill Murray with someone else. Just does...
Feb 10 // Bob Muir

Trailer: Dorothy and the Witches of Oz

We've already got around six Wizard of Oz films in production, what's one more? A possible selling point of this take on L. Frank Baum's classic story is that it's actually done and ready to screen. Dorothy and the Witches o...
Feb 09 // Bob Muir

Wet Hot American Summer to get a sequel

Do you remember the rumors of a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer? Well, last July, former State member David Wain said the idea was out there for a sequel to the 2001 comedy. Then on January 24, the entire cast of the film r...
Feb 08 // Bob Muir

Flixist Awards 2011: Best Comedy

The wonderful thing about a good comedy is that no matter what topic it's covering, you're going to walk out with a smile on your face. It doesn't matter if the subject is a washed-up crew of out-of-touch actors (The Muppets)...
Feb 08 // Bob Muir

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to make directoral debut

Deadline has broken the news that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, most recently seen in 50/50, will be taking a step behind the camera for his next film. Gordon-Levitt will star in an untitled comedy that will give him his first ...
Feb 06 // Bob Muir

Verizon and Redbox combine forces to rent & stream movies

We knew that Verizon was planning some sort of streaming video service, and now the communications giant has shown its hand. Rather than purchasing Netflix as some rumors suggested, Verizon is teaming up with Coinstar, Inc.'s...
Feb 03 // Bob Muir

Kanye West plans to make a short film in the Middle East

When you think of the Middle East, what do you think of? Sultans? Oil? Terrorists? Burkas? Now one rapper wants you to think of his name as well. Kanye "The Jesus" West is looking to make a 30-minute art film set somewhe...
Feb 01 // Bob Muir

Trailer 2: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

When the Super Bowl is happening this weekend, Paramount will air a brand-new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer. It's possible that, like me, some of you don't really care about which football team got the most home runs, yet wo...
Jan 31 // Bob Muir

Phoenix Wright movie getting worldwide, localized release

Takashi Miike's adaptation of the videogame Gyakuten Saiban, a.k.a. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in the US looks like it might turn out to be genuinely awesome. It turns out the key to making a good videogame movie might just...
Jan 31 // Bob Muir

See The Amazing Spider-Man at sneak peeks on February 6

Fans of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man might want to organize that trip to a major city sooner rather than later. Sony has been putting up billboards that direct people to visit There, you ...
Jan 30 // Bob Muir

Fox signs Matthew Vaughn for X-Men: First Class sequel

The news 20th Century Fox wanted us to see was that production president Emma Watts will be keeping her job through at least 2015. This was important because she has made a point of getting talented directors attached to Fox'...
Jan 27 // Bob Muir

Trailer 2: The Hunter

Magnolia Pictures has released an extended trailer for The Hunter, a trailer which is way better than the short trailer they released last summer. Willem Dafoe is a mercenary who has been paid to find the last Tasmanian Tige...
Jan 26 // Bob Muir

Monty Python members reunite for alien comedy

According to Variety, the Pythons are getting back together for a new project. Titled Absolutely Anything, it is a science fiction comedy about an Earth man who gets unlimited power granted to him by powerful aliens and proce...
Jan 25 // Bob Muir

Trailer 2: Iron Sky

It's late at night, and some stoners are passing around a bong. After one particularly massive rip, Zach "The Lungs" Jones is thinking about "heavy stuff" and suddenly has a thought. Getting everyone's attention, he starts: ...
Jan 12 // Bob Muir

Blog puts smiles on tense confrontations in film history

There are many great conflicts in the history of film. They're usually not pleasant. People don't take kindly to confrontations. Scott C. wants to fix that. His blog, The Great Showdowns, chronicles the cinematic history of o...

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