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Maxwell Roahrig . Sep 06

Identity and Humanity: Robocop remake trailer analysis

The day has finally come: the first trailer for the Robocop remake has debuted. Predictably, I dropped the bean burrito that was in my grubby mitts and watched the trailer two or three times. As Flixist's Senior Rob...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Nov 19

Robocop sizzle reel contains new details

This past week has seen some exciting news for the highly anticipated (by me) remake of Robocop. Not only was a new version of the Robocop armor leaked, but a sizzle reel was somehow obtained and distributed on YouTube. Natur...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Nov 15

Robocop may have new armor

There exists a scene in a draft of the upcoming Robocop remake (449 days and counting!), where Omni Corp. is focus testing new designs for their Robocop. The criminals all laugh and carry on, saying "He looks like an 80's toy...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Nov 07

Colin Trevorrow in line for Star Wars Episode VII?

Last time on "Star Wars Episode VII Rumors", Matthew Vaughn was supposedly in talks with Disney to direct the next Star Wars film. But since this is the internet, rampant speculation has to run wild.This latest dire...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Nov 05

Star Wars: Episode VII...directed by Matthew Vaughn?

Since Alex went and left to fight in the Great War, I've put it upon myself to bring you, the readers, every tid-bit of Star Wars Episode VII news I can find. So we'll start with this, the first directing rumor to come o...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Nov 01

Nine things that should happen to the Star Wars franchise

In the video above, George Lucas and LucasFilm executive Kathleen Kennedy sit down to discuss the future of the franchise now that Disney owns the rights. It's fair to say that this announcement is the biggest industry news ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Oct 30

Disney buys LucasFilm

Huge news today, as Disney has bought LucasFilm for $4 billion in cash and stocks. This acquisition includes all LucasFilm brands, including ILM, LucasArts, and Skywalker Sound. Also in the press release, Star Wars: Episode V...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Oct 25

James Cameron goes back to narritave film

Remember back in May when James Cameron said he's stepping down from narrative filmmaking, endless Avatar sequels notwithstanding? Well, look who changed his mind!In an interview with the good folks at IGN, Cameron went back ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Oct 17

GoPro announces HERO3 camera

We don't cover a lot of tech announcements over here in Flixistan (official name of our imaginary country), but this one seemed notable for a number of reasons. GoPro, the makers of fine action cameras, announced an update to...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Oct 17

Hanna director eying Houdini biopic?

Harry Houdini is one of my most favorite people of all time. But the fact that a good biopic based on his life hasn't been made yet is kind of a tragedy. The dude lead such an incredible and interesting life that it's almost ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Oct 12

The Goon lives a Kickstarter

I've been following the trials and tribulations of the film adaptation of The Goon for quite some time. While Hollywood has passed on this film several times it seems, The Goon just won't die. Now, the filmmakers have turned ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Sep 24

Fox still wants to make that new Mr. Ed movie

About a year ago, I pitched what is still the best idea for a new Mr. Ed film. Fox still hasn't called me back about it, but that hasn't stopped them from going ahead with this...thing. Word has it that Waterman Entertainment...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Sep 15

Robocop reboot armor confirmed, looks neat

Production has finally started on 2013's Robocop reboot, and it was only a matter of time before set photos hit the web. And sure enough, we're blessed with pictures of Robocop's new armor. The verdict? Well, I'm kind of liki...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 30

Michael Keaton replaces Hugh Laurie in Robocop

In what's hopefully the last piece of the casting puzzle for Robocop, Michael Keaton will be replacing Hugh Laurie as the CEO of OmniCorp, the villainous corporation that builds the titular robotic man-cop. No word on what le...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 28

Robocop remake having pre-production/casting issues

To say that the Robocop remake/reboot has had a troubled time getting here would be an understatement. Plans have been in motion to remake the greatest film of all time for a while now, with Darren Aronofsky slated to direct ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 28

Interview: Jason Dohring (Searching for Sonny)

Many of you remember Jason Dohring from the cult TV-show Veronica Mars. As the lovable bad-boy Logan, Dohring showcased and honed his talents to a great degree. Now that the show is off the air, Dohring has bee...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 22

Kevin Durant won't be in my sequel to Space Jam

During a press junket for the upcoming movie Thunderstruck, the film's star and NBA superstar Kevin Durant was answering the usual questions left and right. He even commented that he's been asked the same questions for the pa...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 19

Tony Scott dies at age 68

The world just lost a great director. Tony Scott, director of classics such as True Romance, Top Gun, and Man on Fire, committed suicide Sunday afternoon in San Pedro, CA. As someone who dreamed of making movies during high s...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 14

Trailer: Seven Psychopaths

In Bruges was one of my absolute favorite movies from 2008. Hilarious, dark, poignant, and hilarious, the movie not only put Martin McDonagh in my mind, but made me remember that Colin Ferrel can be a great actor. Oh, a...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 13

Robocop remake script leaks, sucks

Drew McWeeny over at HitFlix apparently got his hands on an early draft of the Robocop script. sucks. Judging from Drew's tweets about the matter, it looks like the draft is filled with nothing but winks and nudges t...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 07

Kubrick's first film to finally be released on Blu-Ray

In 1953, Stanley Kubrick released his first feature film, Fear and Desire, to minor critical success and poor box office draw. It got to the point where Kubrick had to take a job directing a promotional film to raise funds fo...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Aug 03

Once Upon a Time in America screenings delayed

How did I miss this? At Cannes this year, a new cut of Sergio Leone's final film Once Upon a Time in America was screened, featuring 25 minutes of previously deleted footage. However, the print is going out of circulatio...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 31

Is this Robocop's armor in the remake?

While the viral marketing for 2013's Robocop remake has started up in full, the question on everyone's mind is "What will Robocop look like?" Well, we may have just received our first look. Thanks to our friends over at Geeks...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 30

Warner Bros. is thinking about a Shining prequel

Warner Bros. is what they like to call "quietly looking in to" doing a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's seminal The Shining. I wish I were making this up. While nothing is set in stone, writer/producers James Vanderbilt, Laeta Ka...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 20

Trailer: The Master

Confession time: I'm only a recent fan of Paul Thomas Anderson's. Starting with There Will Be Blood, I've slowly but surely come around to loving the man's work. He's a modern day Stanley Kubrick, which kind of explains why ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 19

Song of the day: Christian Bale is at Your Party

A couple months ago, Rob Cantor (of Tally Hall fame) wrote the greatest song about Shia LaBeouf ever. Well, he's back at it, this time writing a song about Christian Bale. Because Batman. Sampling clips of Bale's now legenda...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 18

Rush Limbaugh confuses Batvillan with evil organization

Professional windbag Rush Limbaugh is up to his old tricks again. Is he calling law students sluts again? No, this time he's completely outraged that a supervillan's evil organization and a fictional character from a comic bo...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 13

Rejoice! Robocop remake has a plot synopsis

It feels good to be a Robocop fan this week. Not only did the viral start up, giving us the first look at OmniCorp's line of military robots, but the lords at MGM have blessed us with a plot synopsis. And boy does it sound fa...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 13

Ed Helms might star in the Vacation reboot

Vacation is one of those absolutely timeless comedies that just doesn't deserve to be remade. However, the overlords at New Line think differently. Not only has this reboot been in planning for a while now, but it looks ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 11

The Stretch Armstrong movie is still a thing somehow

For some reason, people with jobs still think it's a good idea to make a Stretch Armstrong movie. Universal recently sold the rights to the flick over to the suckers at Relativity, and have hired on Breck Eisner (he did that ...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 10

Christopher Nolan done with DC Comics movies

As if there were any doubt in our minds, Chris Nolan has announced that he's completely done with the Batman franchise, and will not be working on a Justice League movie for Warners. This news comes from a Dark Knight Rises j...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 09

Robocop viral starts up; I freak out a little

See that up in the header? That's the new ED-209 from José Padilha's upcoming Robocop remake. I likey. We're given this image from the new OCP themselves: OmniCorp. You can see their full line of products, including th...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jul 06

Prometheus Blu-Ray outlined; 15 minutes of deleted scenes

Love it or hate it, Prometheus is a hell of a movie. And this being a Ridley Scott directed movie, we can expect a pretty grandiose home release. Fox recently detailed the list of extras that'll be on the Blu-Ray, and it...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jun 28

Trailer: Looper

Yesterday, Alex brought you the latest international trailer for my most anticipated film of the year, Looper. While I haven't been able to see it yet thanks to MSN's awful video player, I was able to see the latest dom...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jun 15

Rian Johnson talks 3D filmmaking

Rian Johnson, director of such modern classics as Brick and The Brothers Bloom, wrote a pretty great essay about stereoscopic filmmaking. In it, Johnson discusses his personal views on the medium, and how (in theory...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jun 13

Hugh Laurie in talks for Robocop; I squee with delight

Joel Kinnaman. Gary Oldman. Samuel L. Jackson. And now, Hugh Laurie. That's right, Dr. House himself is in talks to play the evil-jerkface CEO of OmniCorp (I really hope that's just a typo) in Jose Padilha's upcoming remake o...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jun 11

Report: 35mm distribution to halt by 2013

Max writing another post about the inevitable demise of celluloid? What a concept! IHS Screen Digest, a firm that does nothing but research trends in digital media, seems to think that major studios will cease distributing 35...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jun 01

Guy Ritchie to direct Treasure Island because why not?

I wish the aliens that captured Guy Ritchie after making Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels would return him and take back this...thing they left us with. Warner Bros. announced today that Fake Guy Ritchie will be...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . Jun 01

Trailer: Premium Rush

As a fixie rider, I get mocked a lot for my gear of choice. "Hipster!" "Get off the road, jackass!" I've heard it all. But what folks haven't realized is how awesome bike messengers are. Those guys and gals are some of the b...   0

Maxwell Roahrig . May 31

Flix for Short: Werewolf in a Girls' Sorority

About a month ago, I posted the trailer to Werewolf in a Girls' Sorority, which stars Flixist community member Alex Barbatsis, as well as many YouTube personalities including Freddie Wong and the Gregory Brothers. Well, the ...   0

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