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Geoff Henao lives in Chicago. He is into coming-of-age films, dark comedies, and animation. Non-film interests include indie graphic novels, Sonic the Hedgehog, cute girls, and the Chicago Bulls.

6:30 PM on 10.12.2013

CIFF Review: Burn it Up Djassa

Burn It Up Djassa tells the story of an Abidjan ghetto and one young man whose embrace of the ghetto ultimately led to his demise. Tony is a young cigarette seller who finds luck gambling in the ghetto. Despite his polic...

Geoff Henao

5:00 PM on 10.12.2013

CIFF Review: Contracted

Contracted is an American horror film that... isn't all that horrific. The film follows Sam (Najarra Townsend), a young lesbian desperately in denial over the dissolution of her relationship. At her best friend's party, ...

Geoff Henao

4:00 PM on 10.11.2013

Review: Zero Charisma

There are nerds, and then there are nerds. Nerds may like to flash a retro gaming shirt or spout Star Wars trivia, whereas nerds tend to obsess over their interests and fascinations. It's cool to be proud and comfortable...

Geoff Henao

1:00 PM on 10.08.2013

Coldwater trailer, poster feature Flixist quote

One of my most surprising films of this year's SXSW was Coldwater. Directed by Bellflower's Vincent Grashaw, the film's depiction of an abusive, questionably run reform/boot camp resonated with me strongly, attaini...

Geoff Henao

11:00 AM on 08.22.2013

Review: Drinking Buddies

Everybody always has that one platonic friendship where the line is constantly tiptoed upon that could lead to something more. As always, that move can never be made due to outside circumstances, such as a boyfriend or girlfr...

Geoff Henao

12:00 PM on 08.21.2013

Interview: Drinking Buddies (Cast and Director)

On an early afternoon in Austin, TX, I had a chance to sit down with the cast and director of Drinking Buddies, which consisted of Anna Kendrick (End of Watch), Jake Johnson (Safety Not Guaranteed), Ron Livingston (Office Spa...

Geoff Henao

10:00 AM on 08.19.2013

Flix for (Not So) Short: Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

Last month, Donald Glover (Community) released a mysterious trailer without context for a project called Clapping for the Wrong Reasons. Last week, it was revealed that the project was a short film written by Glover and dire...

Geoff Henao

4:00 PM on 07.09.2013

Review: Coffee Town

CollegeHumor has been one of the premiere comedy websites since practically the internet got super popular. Before YouTube, before Twitter, before Facebook, before MySpace, there was CollegeHumor providing some of the best co...

Geoff Henao

12:00 PM on 06.27.2013

LEGO is officially going Back to the Future

Back during Christmastime 2012, Thor brought us news about a LEGO Back to the Future project that was featured on LEGO CUUSO. Receiving enough votes to be reviewed by LEGO (and really, who ever doubted it wouldn't i...

Geoff Henao

1:00 PM on 06.19.2013

Dumb and Dumber To backed by Universal and Red Granite

Almost 20 years since the original film was released (I'm completely ignoring the terrible excuse of a prequel that was Dumb and Dumberer), the follow-up to 1994's Dumb and Dumber is finally going forward. Dumb and Dumbe...

Geoff Henao

9:00 AM on 06.17.2013

Box Office Numbers: Supermeng

Man of Steel topped this weekend's box office to nobody's surprise, raking in a resounding $113m (with an additional $12m from its early release). The super comedy This is the End came in second with a respectable $...

Geoff Henao

9:00 AM on 06.10.2013

Box Office Numbers: Crime Day!

In a surprising turn of events, The Purge AKA CRIME DAY topped this weekend's box office with a resounding $36m made in its opening weekend. The other major debut this weekend, The Internship, made half the amount The Pu...

Geoff Henao

5:00 PM on 06.07.2013

FlixList: Top 5 Actors to Play Iron Man

A bit of a hullabaloo was spread across the internet when word came out that Robert Downey, Jr. hinted at being done with portraying Iron Man. While salary negotiations haven't begun yet for The Avengers 2, in which Downey, J...

Geoff Henao

9:00 AM on 06.03.2013

Box Office Numbers: Tanks on Tanks on Tanks

Can somebody look into a potential increase in tank top sales following theatrical releases of Fast and Furious movies? They're guaranteed to make anybody look good, they're the perfect apparel to wear during hot weather...

Geoff Henao

6:00 PM on 05.30.2013

Review: Missed Connections

Missed connections serve as the chosen medium for lovelorn, hopeless romantics who believe in fleeting chance encounters in public. I can say this with confidence, because I used to regularly check missed connections on a dai...

Geoff Henao

2:00 PM on 05.29.2013

New Flintstones special being produced by... WWE

In a weird twist (or ankle lock or double-arm suplex), WWE will help produce a new straight-to-DVD Flintstones special that will feature voice cameos by WWE superstars John Cena and CM Punk, with WWE CEO Vince McMah...

Geoff Henao

9:00 AM on 05.28.2013

Box Office Numbers: Arrested Development

What a holiday weekend, huh? As if Fast & Furious 6 wasn't a big enough draw to theaters this weekend, the (hopefully) final installment in The Hangover trilogy also debuted. Of course, one of these films did ri...

Geoff Henao

1:00 PM on 05.24.2013

Review: The Arrested Development Documentary Project

Like a large number of people, I didn't take Arrested Development's cancellation well. To be fair, I preferred to catch the show on DVD rather than watch it during Fox broadcasts because of my personal preference of TV digest...

Geoff Henao

5:00 PM on 05.21.2013

Trailer: The Lone Ranger

The latest trailer for The Lone Ranger is here, apparently disproving the last trailer's status as the final trailer. There's even more Armie Hammer, more Johnny Depp, more trains, more horses, and more face paint. Like...

Geoff Henao

9:00 AM on 05.20.2013

Box Office Numbers: More like Fart Trek Into Darkness

Summer's in full swing, yet I've been held back with a ridiculous cold. I bought some Zzzquil Friday night, but it turns out that it doesn't even have medicine in it. Thanks a lot, Vicks. Armed with the magical elixir that is...

Geoff Henao

2:00 PM on 05.17.2013

Trailer: LICKS

Directed by newcomer Jonathan Singer-Vine, LICKS debuted at this year's SXSW. While Hubert, Matt, and I didn't get a chance to catch it, the film received some good acclaim. LICKS is about a young Oakland resi...

Geoff Henao

12:00 PM on 05.17.2013

Latest Nymphomanic production photo is sexy

Nymphomaniac is shaping up to be one sexy ride (hurr hurr hurr). Following the first still from the film showcasing Charlotte Gainbourg about to ride the trike with her two friends and the film's first promotional p...

Geoff Henao