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Sean Walsh has been a fan of movies ever since he can remember. His father assures him that he wept when Optimus Prime died in the original Transformers movie, but seeing as how Sean was less than a year old, it was probably just a full diaper. Sean's first actual movie memory was seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the theater and he grew up on Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, and Goonies. His first theatrical R-rated movie was Alien: Resurrection, a film that, for better or for worse, holds a special place in his heart.

When Sean isn't writing for Flixist, he's working on one of his many scripts, playing video games, watching movies, or spending time plotting world domination. His favorite genre is horror, he really likes Arizona's Arnold Palmer lemonade/iced tea beverage, kielbasa and potatoes, comic books and not taking life very seriously. Sean's favorite movies include: Shaun of the Dead, Iron Man, The Searchers, Cabin Fever, Stand By Me, and House of the Devil.

He likes long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain.

He is also single, and if reports are true, ready to mingle.

New Mad Max trailer
3:00 PM on 03.20.2015

International trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

This Japanese trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road has more of everything I want from this film: more madness. More Max. More, more MORE. The giant Japanese characters strewn throughout make it even more enjoyable. The May 15th release feels so far away. I can't imagine living in Japan and having to wait until 6/20. [via YouTube]

Sean Walsh
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