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View entries for The Alamo Drafthouse's PSA contest

7:00 PM on 11.27.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

You may remember us reporting on a make-your-own Alamo Drafthouse PSA contest back in October. The message of these PSAs is simple: shut the hell up and turn off your stupid phone while you're watching the movie, you ugly obnoxious mook. The grand prize is a $1,000 Visa gift card and having your PSA shown at Alamo Drafthouses across the country.

Well, the entries are in, and you can now view them and vote for your favorite. The voting is open until 11:59pm CST on Friday, November 30th. The videos with the most votes will be sent to a panel of Drafthouse head honchos, who will then select the grand prize winner.

To view all the entries and vote, go here.

[Via Badass Digest]

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