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Waiting for The Hobbit 3 info? Well, it doesn't exist yet

4:00 PM on 08.01.2012 // Nick Valdez

With all of the drama surrounding Peter Jackson's newly confirmed Hobbit trilogy, it does not help matters when there's bad news about the production of the three films. When we assumed that Jackson and Warner Bros. had everything worked out, it turns out that there is no allocated budget or completed script for the final film. 

According to a source at THR, there "was such a short window of time to make this decision, if anybody had said no, it would have been two movies.” Assuming this is correct, Warner Bros. opted to put faith in Jackson to make an acceptable third film without knowing how much it will cost them in the long run, or if it's even plausible. The script for the third film is still in development, so that means Jackson would have to pull a feat of Lucasian proportion in order to fit its production within the other two films in this trilogy. 

So because Warner Bros. wanted to make a third film with a non-existent premise, we're probably getting one really good film, one okay one, and one that shouldn't exist. Sorry folks. But there's some good news though. You see the header image above? That's how the 3D glasses for The Hobbit will look. 


[THR, via Collider]  

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