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Will Smith may voice Genie in live action prequel of Disney's Aladdin

7:35 AM on 04.21.2017 // Rick Lash

Bradley Cooper as Apu anyone?

We haven't heard much about Disney's live action Aladdin prequel. In fact, it's been close to two years since we posted news here on Flixist, and that was basically just to say that they are in fact working on one. But now that Beauty and the Beast has just surpassed the BILLION DOLLAR mark [holla!], all live action reboots and spinoffs and prequels are surely in high gear.

Enter news that Will Smith is in talks to voice the presumably CGI genie known as, Genie. Guy Ritchie is attached to direct--which I think is actually an incredibly smart move: while his subject matter might not seem to support the Disney family values, his directing style could infuse some amazing takes on the franchise. I for one am excited at least on that front; still undecided on what Will Smith will bring to Genie other than a matching goatee.

Very curious to hear your thoughts on the news and your take on Will Smith's abilities to take on such an iconic character.



[Via Variety]

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