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Win Chronicle on Blu-ray and DVD

3:00 PM on 05.14.2012 // Matthew Razak

One of the biggest surprises of last year for me was how good Chronicle was. I was seriously expecting something that tried to sucker people into a bad movie about super powers and got a truly thoughtful flick about good, evil, high school and friendship... plus super powers. I'm actually torn about it getting a sequel but that's because it was so good on its own.

If you liked it as much as we did here's your chance to own it. Anyone in the continental U.S. just has to comment below with what they'd do with super powers (spy on girls, rob a bank, betray your friends, go mad with power, etc) and they'll be entered to win a copy of the film on Blu-ray combo pack (meaning it has a DVD copy in it as well, so DVD only people can enter too!). This edition comes with both the theatrical release and the director's cut, which I can't vouch for, but probably is pretty sweet.

If you want two entries then go the extra mile and hook us up with a Photoshop of yourself with whatever power you like. The contest will end on May 15, the day the film releases on Blu-ray and DVD. This way you can know if you have run out and buy it or not.

Matthew Razak, Editor-in-Chief
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