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World War Z director helming Cowboy Ninja Viking

1:00 PM on 02.29.2012

Matthew Razak


I had no idea there was a comic book called Cowboy Ninja Viking until I read the tip email with those three words in it. Of course anything that puts those three things together so casually and yet so awesomely caught my attention and now I'm hyped for the movie adaptation, which is set to be directed by Marc Forster. 

The comic is about a government organization that secretly trains people with multiple personalities to be assassins with three unique traits. The comic's main character, Duncan, comes out of the program with the skills of a professional fisher, a dog walker and a washing machine repair man. No, wait. That's wrong. It's a cowboy, a ninja and a viking! Way more awesome.

Disney recently dropped the film for being to edgy, but Universal has picked it up and is looking to begin production sometime this year (and to launch a franchise). As for Forster, he's not my favorite action director at all as his turn with Quantum of Solace showed him to have no knack for capturing frantic action sequences. Hopefully World War Z will turn out better and instill more confidence in me for him. 

[via Deadline]

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