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(My)Flix For Short: Water Souluble

[If you don't know me, I'm Anthony Wastella and I'm a Film Maker attending Penn State for a film/video degree.I've been around the ModernMethod Network for quite a while and hope to continue my stay]

So I am taking an experimental film class right now in college and we had to do some form of an animation. Everyone was basically doing stuff all over the board ranging from stop motion, to rotoscope, to light painting, and such. I chose to draw mine with the aid of photoshop and a wacom tablet.

Here's the story of a fish.



So It's a short piece that I felt I rushed through and in many ways I did. This is the 3rd idea I was working off of, and actually was able to progress with, giving me less than a week to piece it together. Crash coursing myself with Photoshop's interactions with my tablet, along with the animation process all together was the most time consuming part of the project, totaling in somewhere along the lines of 25ish hours all together I'd say more or less.

I likely went overboard with the first scene in terms of pacing it, really tough to gauge how fast it should be moving, (Framerate for the whole project was 12fps). The 2nd scene inside the coral I think was much better paced personally, and I had a lot more fun drawing it, also likely because it was moving on from the meticulous tweening I put myself through for the first to make the wagging tail movement.

I wanted to maybe have sound effects, or more like an actual bit of exposition originally, but instead went for repetition of a single line. I wanted to try and evoke the sense of something impending with the snowballing nature of the pacing. (Did I pull it off?) I kinda like how it came out in that regard. It's experimental in that you can interpret what the story is for yourself, but the basic logline for the short would be a fish goes on a journey to the stars in it's mind due to hallucinating from being boiled in a pot. I tried to make a funny punchline, and i would be lieing if I said i drew some inspiration for the idea's black comedy and animation style from Don Hertzfeldt, one of my favorite filmmakers.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the short and my breakdown of it, I hope to keep doing these for my other shorts for a while if people want me to.
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