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Prometheus and How Less is Sometimes More

So, I joined Flixist about a week or so ago, and have been mulling over what I want to write my first blog here about, and after discarding my initial ideas – the metric system, elephants, how David Hasselhoff gets his hair looking so damned good, I thought maybe it'd be a good idea if I wrote about something film related: so I decided I'd write a few thoughts down about how Prometheus made me feel.

Note before hand: This isn't going to be a review of any kind, if anything it's more an excuse to springboard into talking about something that I thinks generally an issue with modern big budget Sci-Fi. So, there's that.

Good film making, atleast as I see it, should always involve an element of this kind of visual trickery, it should always be about creating an impression of something, rather than giving the viewer everything, because once you've shown the audience everything there's really nothing more you can give them. It's only the promise of more, of knowing everything about the monster we catch glimpses of, or the apocalyptic event that destroyed the Earth, that keeps us coming back for more.

This is kind of what failed for me about Prometheus: I enjoyed it, and I'll enjoy rewatching it quite a few times when it comes out on DVD, but like with a lot of modern big budget Sci-Fi, I do feel it was more about the show than the tricks, which is the real shame.
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