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Who Wants to Do Commentary Tracks?


If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen me live-tweet really shitty kids movies such as P.U.N.K.S. and Agent Cody Banks. Fellow editor Nick Valdez quickly shot back that he wanted more of these live-tweet sessions, and that got me thinking. "Why don't we do a Flixist Show commentary track for some shitty movie?" But then I thought some more.

"Why don't we do a community driven commentary track podcast?"

This will be a 100% community driven podcast. You guys pick the movies, and you guys will be on the show along with myself and Nick Valdez. But first, we need a name. Post your suggestions in the comments, and we'll take a poll from there. As for movie selection, start coming up with some suggestions! Let's aim for the first show to be out by the first week of September.

That's all I've got for you right now. So leave movie suggestions, as well as podcast names in the comments. This could be something really awesome, or really stupid. I'm fine either way.
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