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The Prometheus debacle


Ever since i saw the movie Prometheus my mind has been full of questions and deep frustration.
And the only way i know of getting over frustration is by rearranging whats wrong into something more satisfying.
So lets figure this out, lets figure out how Prometheus could be turned from a train wreck into something that feels a bit more coherent at least.

- Merge the character of the ships captain and who ever Charlize Theron played. The captain was just there to crash the ship and Theron was there to be the second girl and deliver exposition. Put that together and you can put more screen time toward making captain Theron more fleshed out.

- Axe the guy in old man makeup. Aside from the odd decision of not just hiring a real old man, what was the purpose of old man Yutani? Nothing was gained, learned or really enjoyed from him being in the movie, in fact he hurt the movie in many ways by creating new plot holes.

- Less nameless background characters. This ship that seems quite small also seems to have the staff of about 30 or more people in it. There are the main guys, the flight crew, medical crew, security crew, secret security screw and medical that came along with old man Yutani. Since the movie only ever has enough stuff for 5 guys to do at once this is just distracting.

- "Its what i chose to believe" These are the first words spoken by the main character if i dont remember it wrong. I know different people take that in different ways but for me it says that she is a mental midget and i cringed when i heard it on screen. Sure she can be a fanatical religious person, thats fine Ghost dog in the movie Ghost dog is a crazy person that believes he is a samurai. I dont mind crazy characters but in the case of Ghost dog he kept it to himself, he did not turn to the viewer and proclaim his beliefs in every scene.

- Likable characters. If etch character just had a trait or two, a bit of dialogue that made me like them or just the way they acted i would have hated this movie less. I liked the captain in the scene where he tries to bang Charlize. I related with him then, he had a clear goal he worked to attain and it all made logical sense. More of that please.

These are the small problems that i feel could have been easily fixed, i would very much like to hear your own thoughts. Do you disagree with me? Or have more to add, id love to talk about it, the movies only really redeeming value is on how fun it is to discuss it.

All said tho... i fear that the taint of Lindelof could never fully be washed of anything he touches.
Thinking of this movie made me sad and frustrated, i need to go The 13th warrior too cleanse my brain.
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