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Some Thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness

So Star Trek Into Darkness is a thing that released recently, and being as I went to see it at the cinema this last weekend and I haven't really written anything in a while I thought I'd jot some of them there words down about it!

(Possible spoilers included.)

I'll be honest, I didn't really like the first (reboot I mean) Star Trek movie all that much, it was well-made and rather bombastic but the story felt like a lot of twisting and turning to basically give fans of the original films a whole lot of titillation (as well as the actual titillation that happened when the scantily clad alien ladies popped up); I mean Leonard Nimoy cameos, people keep saying 'James T Kirk' as if it were a knowing nod to the audience, and there's this whole time loop thing.

Into Darkness isn't terrible, it's an enjoyable experience but at times it's obvious somebody was stood over the writers whispering about adding a cleavage shot here or a bit of fan service there, and it's disappointing. At times the film's great, at others cluttered, very, very cluttered. I did enjoy it though, probably didn't help too much that we were sat way too close to the screen, and then there were those people on either side of us who decided to sit through the entire credits... really, people? Do names flashing on a screen excite you that much?


:D So yeah, entertaining but not very deep!
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