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The Prometheus debacle - On how to save the sequal


Prompted by my favorite brown man and the rumors of a Prometheus 2 im going to put down some ideas how you could create a better movie.

What with the first movie being a trainwreck of a story and the surviving characters being... incredibly unlikable and the other one empty eye candy i feel the only way to create a sequal is to just admit their failure and walk away.

Begin the second movie set a few years after the last one, it will follow a ship on a search and rescue mission to the same planet from the first movie.
They are sent there to figure out what happened to the two Weylon family members (assumably two of the worlds richest people)

They would land on the planet and find the wreckage of the Prometheus and more alarmingly the alien ship, the crew would against all good reason be forced to explore the wreckage and its surroundings by the captain who has been told to return with something conclusive about the Weylons or not return at all.

This all gives us a simple clear cut story, we will have the everyman crew who would much rather go back home right away while the captain is hell bent on driving them to find out what happened to the Weylons.

While all that happens we throw in that ugly proto xenomorph thing that picks people off one by one we got the setting for a good and tense horror movie.

Ofcourse this is all about the base story, hiring a writer that works above the 5th grade level and charismatic actors is pretty key.

What do you think?

That or it could just be a 2 hour long apology from Ridley Scott while they are giving Lindelof the Hostel treatment...
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