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The Deconstruction of Superman


This isn't Superman. He wears an S and kinda looks like Superman, but this isn't a Superman story. This is the gritty Superman that is more in place in an Elseworld tale than in Superman's world. In fact I find it interesting that the word Superman was used so little in this movie. The most poignant use was by the girl who just thought he was hot. She can forget the massive destruction of downtown. Superman is hot. No more need to fear these pretty aliens.

What we are left with is a fun action movie, a decent comic book movie and a poor Superman movie all bundled together in to a fun little package. Its as if Zack Snyder and David Goyer (with a sprinkling of Christopher Nolan) needed to go out and break Superman in response to Superman Returns. That's fine, but they shouldn't put Superman's name on this movie.

Oh wait, they didn't.
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