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Fire in the Sky a Real Story

While browsing the internet a month or so ago I came across some stuff about the movie "Fire in the Sky" (1993). I hadn't seen it since it came out when I was 13, so I went on Netflix and low and behold there it was!

The first thing about the movie that really stood out to me was it was still pretty scary, but not in the way I remembered it. There are barely any aliens in the movie and very little action in the beginning of the movie, but still gave me that chill factor that's missing in a lot of new movies that are out today.

Here's the original trailer of the movie.

I think maybe the reason I still found it so interesting was the fact that it was based on a true story about Travis Walton's abduction and disappearance for multiple days. 

I decided to do a little more research and it turns out that he and the men that witnessed him being taken into the alien space ship were all given polygraphs to see if they were lying and they all passed except for one.

The original actual event took place on November 5th, 1975 way before the movie came out. I also found these (at the bottom of the page) recordings of interviews with him. You can really tell by the sound of his voice just how scared he really was. This makes the movie one of my favorites in the genre.
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