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The Dark Knight meets Hitchcock in video mashup

Who doesn't love the opening bank robbery scene in The Dark Knight? It's really an amazingly crafted sequence, and hey, it's Batman. I also love it when people overlay different music on movies and it just seems so...right. YouTube user Pl...


CBGB movie gets more Harry Potter stars

So the upcoming movie about the CBGB nightclub seems to be getting quite the star power! The movie is said to star Alan Rickman as the club's founder Hilly Kristal, and apparently another Harry Potter cast member is getting thrown in t...


Trailer: Finding Nemo 3D

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, SWIIIMMMMMM! If you didn't grow up knowing the phrase, "P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney," then I don't want to know you. Hollywood's been full of reboots, re-releases, and 3D thrown on just about a...


Ashton Kutcher tries on Steve Jobs' look

We've all heard about the casting of Ashton Kutcher as the late Steve Jobs, with many wondering how well Kutcher will perform. Personally, I think the casting is more about his strong resemblance to the younger Jobs, and less about his acti...


Schwarzenegger to star in action flick Ten

Seems Schwarzenegger is still grasping at relevance with his newest action movie Ten, directed by David Ayer. Ten follows members of "an elite DEA task force" who deviate from their mission and instead steal "millions from a drug carte...


Spider-Man teams up with OPI for themed nail polish

Because this is what the ladies want, right? Somehow, in all their wisdom, Sony Pictures has decided to team up with OPI to create nail polish colors based on the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man. Oh, that's right. Sony really knows how to g...


Chronicle director Josh Trank rebooting Fantastic Four

It's been in the works for awhile now, but Chronicle director Josh Trank has been slated to reboot The Fantastic Four. While there is the possibility that Trank may direct, that's still up in the air. Rebooting, however, is definitely ...


Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright finish The World's End

Fans of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, the series of movies by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, have reason to rejoice today! Many fans knew that the duo had started writing the final entry in the trilogy earlier this year, but now w...


Regal Entertainment and Sony bring subtitle glasses

Subtitle glasses in movie theaters are a concept that isn't exactly new, but weren't used practically until just recently. Now, Sony and Regal Entertainment Group have partnered to bring their Access Glasses to "practically all" of Regal's ...


Catching Fire gains new director

After Gary Ross, director of The Hunger Games, announced his intention to leave the franchise, Lionsgate have been frantically searching for another set of capable hands to take over on the sequel Catching Fire. The search was short, but ma...


Michael Douglas to star in Last Vegas

Had enough Hangover style movies? Not until you've seen old people hit up the strip! Michael Douglas will be starring in Last Vegas, a film depicting an older man who, before marrying a girl half his age, decides to throw a crazy bache...


Robocop remake getting some talent

Have you heard about the upcoming Robocop remake? You'd better, because can you imagine what it might be like if they actually do it right? This is the first remake that I've been excited for in years, and its set to release in Summer ...


Anchorman director reveals details about the sequel

Anchorman director Adam McKay sat down for an interview with Hollywood Reporter, and gave fans just a glimpse into the future of Ron Burgundy. While the interview in its entirety is quite lengthy, McKay goes into detail about the strug...


Disney's Maleficent gets a release date

Cashing in on the fairy tale craze, Disney has announced the release date for Maleficent, the studio's retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The film is slated to hit theaters on March 14, 2014, with hopes that a spring date will perhaps magically ...


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