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Short Film: Monster's First Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here's a short film I put together with some friends over the weekend. I could mention a lot of things that went wrong during our run-and-gun day of production but you know what? I'm very happy with how it turned out. Le...


Short Film Sketch - Under My Skin

Some friends and I had a Friday off work so we put this together. I'm really pleased with how it turned out (much better than most of my movies!). I think we're starting to finally get the hang of shooting on DSLR.


About Jordan Mann1one of us since 9:41 AM on 07.26.2011

My name's Jordan. I live in Canada. Canada as you know, is cold. This is ok by me because I then get to spend more time indoors playing video games and of course, watching movies.

I also enjoy making short films with my friends, and have an interest in amateur visual effects (I am a HUGE Freddie Wong fan!). I'm not going to pretend my own work is even remotely up to that caliber, but it's certainly fun to do.