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The Prometheus debacle

Ever since i saw the movie Prometheus my mind has been full of questions and deep frustration. And the only way i know of getting over frustration is by rearranging whats wrong into something more satisfying. So lets figure this out, le...


The digital flixist house - Part 2

After a a long day of stealing office supplies and sexually harassing coworkers (Alex just cant stop getting it out in the lunch room) the gang is sent to the park. Why? Well because they are so fucking boring that's why, all they do is s...


The digital flixist house.

Ok so peep this amigos, i got really bored today right so i created... digital flixist house. Its cast includes: Jenika and Alex Katz, Maxwell Roahrig, Andres Dre Bolivar, Nick Valdez, Liz Rugg, Hubert Villiga and Sean Walsh. Can you pick...



The 1984 David Lynch Dune is... troublesome. I truly love the movie even with its faults because for every fault it has something supremely awesome is there to even things out. Sadly few people i talk to seems to have actually seen the m...


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