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Best/Worst Summer 2012: I've Got a Head in My Bag

[Community member Cacophony did an awesome job recapping his thoughts of Summer 2012 movies on his community blog, and as a result, here it is on the front page for everyone to see! Great job Cacophony! You can get a chance to be feature...


The Best Around: My Top 5 Films of 2011

I saw an awful lot of movies this year. Most of them I liked, some were kind of just there on the screen in front of me, and a few of them were just miserable. In the end, however, there were only a few movies I saw this year that can be ...

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Haunted: How to Hold a Grudge

Sometime back in 2004, I was still cruising through high school and spending most of my weekends completely sleep deprived thanks to all night Halo gaming sessions at my friend’s house. When I wasn’t gaming with my friends until we pa...


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