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Against all odds, the Cats 'butthole cut' is actually real

Despite seeming too surreal to be true, it turns out that rumored "butthole cut" of Cats actually exists. In a new tell-all expose featured on the Daily Beast, sources close to the production (choosing to remain anonymous so they don't lose...


Tiger King to supposedly get an eighth episode next week

According to exotic animal owner Jeff Lowe, the hit Netflix documentary series Tiger King will be getting an eighth episode next week. Lowe, a wanted man in Las Vegas, is featured in the series and seemingly broke NDA to reveal this extra e...


Review: The Platform

With the world currently dealing with a pandemic on a scale that hasn't been seen in over 100 years, it's not really surprising that a film like The Platform became massively popular. This is a movie that directly deals with class struggles...


Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim on May 3

Late last night, Cartoon Network confirmed that Rick and Morty will be returning to Adult Swim on May 3, 2020. While easy to mistake this as a super cruel April Fool's joke, the network actually leaned into that angle with its marketing he...


European viewers are really eager to watch The Mandalorian

For one reason or another, Disney delayed the launch of its streaming service in Europe until this month. While American viewers were digging into The Mandalorian and experiencing a western tinged slice of Star Wars, everyone across the pon...


Peter's Kung Fu Corner: Come Drink With Me

[Welcome to Peter's Kung Fu Corner: a monthly column dedicated to retrospectives on the martial arts films I grew up watching. We'll be covering all kinds of Hong Kong action films from Bruce Lee all the way to Joseph Kuo. Get ready to b...


Sony releases Bloodshot early on digital platforms

Bloodshot may not be a good movie, but there's one thing it has going for it: it'll soon be available on digital platforms. Due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown on theaters, Sony Pictures is pushing up the digital release of the latest V...


Review: Never Rarely Sometimes Always

As a nation, America has come a long way in the past 100 years. Things aren't perfect, but policies and laws have enabled minorities and women the ability to be treated as individuals against their fellow man. Some fight back against these ...


Fast & Furious 9 release gets pushed back a year

Fast & Furious 9 is the latest film to suffer a delay due to the coronavirus. Universal Studios announced the news this morning and stated it would be pushing the release back an entire year due to international theaters being closed. W...


John Boyega signs a Netflix deal to create films about Africa

Actor John Boyega (known for his turn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy) has signed a deal with streaming giant Netflix to produce and create films centered on East and West Africa. Working with Boyega's company UpperRoom Productions, Netflix...


Netflix's Lost in Space is getting a third, and final, season

Netflix has announced that its rebooted Lost in Space series will be getting a third, and final, season next year. The show was originally envisioned as a sort of trilogy and will be concluding the Robinson family's journey to Alpha Centau...


The New Mutants did not undergo reshoots says director

It may have taken 6,000 years to happen, but the last Fox X-Men film The New Mutants will be releasing next month. Because of all the turmoil surrounding the merger of Fox with Disney, many have speculated that the house of mouse mandated r...


Apple renews limited series Truth Be Told for a second season

The limited Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told has been renewed for a second season. Starring (and executive produced by) Octavia Spencer, it seems the ratings from its initial run were good enough to warrant a continuation. I suppose it's a re...


Rambo creator's novel Testament is being adapted into a film

Reel World Management has announced that it will be producing a feature adaptation of the 1975 David Morell novel Testament. Morell is likely best known for his debut work First Blood, which spawned the character of Rambo and the Sylvester ...


Never Rarely Sometimes Always looks like a heartbreaking film

Social commentary is one of my favorite things in media. A snapshot of the time and place we currently live in, it reveals what the average person is thinking under specific governments or oppression. It's the best way to physically captur...


No Time To Die gets delayed to November 2020

After canceling the Chinese premiere of No Time To Die due to the spread of the coronavirus, MGM has decided to delay the release of the next James Bond film to November 2020. The decision came from a fan campaign that had asked the produc...


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