National Tresure is being adapted into a series for Disney+

The lack of an Indiana Jones film in our lives may soon be rectified. In an interview with Collider about his new Starz series Hightown, producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that everything is in motion for him to produce a TV series based o...


Spike Lee's new film is Netflix-bound this June

American filmmaking icon Spike Lee took to Twitter this morning to confirm the world premiere of his upcoming war film Da 5 Bloods, occuring exclusively on Netflix next month, June 12th.


Tribeca Review: 12 Hour Shift

Is the world of organ trafficking ripe for cinematic exploration? I ask because it seems that there's at least one movie a year that crops up on the independent scene that wants to tackle this topic and it's never as clean as it could be. I...


C What's On: The Criterion Channel's Programming for May 2020

Hello and welcome to the monthly round-up of all that is good and cinematic coming to the Criterion Channel this month. With the Cannes Film Festival held annually during the month of May (current events notwithstanding), the Channel has in...


More time to reload: John Wick 4 pushed to 2022

He's still thinkin' he's back, only John Wick's going to take a little more time for R&R than originally planned. (If you remember where we last left our hero, this is probably a good thing.) Lionsgate has announced today the delay of t...


Disney to adapt Hercules for a live-action film

Continuing the trend of adapting their classic animated films, Disney has announced plans to remake the much-loved 1997 Oscar nominee and pillar of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts franchise, Hercules, as a live-action feature.


The Decade Decathlon Finale: Winners and Losers of the decade

After well over a year of writing and after weeks of research, days of watching movies, and hours upon hours of writing these pieces, the Decade Decathlon has finally reached its conclusion. It's been an absolutely crazy ride and when I ini...


AMC claims they will no longer screen Universal movies

Like a character from Telltale's The Walking Dead, AMC decided to act today on the recent success of Trolls: World Tour going straight to VOD by declaring that all future Universal movies will no longer be screened at AMC Theaters effective...


Agents of SHIELD gets a trailer ahead of its seventh season

Though Disney's slate of MCU films are in a jumble due to theater closures and the ongoing pandemic, ABC's Agents of SHIELD will continue to chronicle the escapades of those diligent workers of do-gooding. And they've got a time-travel-siz...


Tribeca Review: Ainu Mosir

Have you ever felt like an outsider within your own community? While I'm sure that many people may have experienced this isolation in one form or another (whether it be from personal opinions to political differences), it's an entirely diff...


Peter's Kung Fu Corner: The Prodigal Son

[Welcome to Peter's Kung Fu Corner: a monthly column dedicated to retrospectives on the martial arts films I grew up watching. We'll be covering all kinds of Hong Kong action films from Bruce Lee all the way to Joseph Kuo. Get ready to b...


Daft Punk set to score Dario Argento's next film

In a torrent of incredibly exciting news, Italian filmmaking legend and giallo horror master Dario Argento has revealed new details surrounding his next film--titled Black Glasses--including a collaboration with Daft Punk, who are set to pr...


AMC isn't planning to reopen until Mulan and Tenet release

AMC Theaters announced yesterday that it doesn't intend to reopen its doors until the summer blockbuster season when films Mulan and Tenet release. Despite misguided politicians giving the okay to restart businesses in certain states as ear...


Disney reshuffles MCU release dates AGAIN

Another day, another report about movie delays. Out of all of the major Hollywood studios, Disney's slate of releases has been impacted the most by the coronavirus. When they plan their releases years in advance, any slight alteration can h...


Review: The Willoughbys

I have a confession to make. For years, I've always thought lesser of straight to Netflix movies. It's completely irrational, I know, but where most major releases had premieres in theaters and could be measured with metrics like box office...


Review: Extraction

There are no slow motion walks away from explosions. There are no men in spandex. There are no massive movie stars projected onto screens the size of buildings. There are no brutal fight sequences. There are no action movies. COVID-19 has s...


Parks and Rec is getting a one-off reunion

How would the infrastructure of Pawnee, Indiana, handle the coronaviraus pandemic? In less than a week, we'll be able to find out. Returning April 30th, much-loved NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation will air a special 30-minute episode in an e...


The Decade Decathlon: 2019

Welcome back to the Decade Decathlon, where we're taking an extended look back at the past decade of filmmaking to see what worked, what didn't, and what stories we can learn from the past. So... this took a while to come out.  Wh...


Digimon Adventure: 2020 is officially on hiatus

When we first reported on the new Digimon reboot series, I was over the moon. The first three episodes 100% did not disappoint, serving as a modern and loose adaptation of the Digimon movie. Since the pandemic has started, Digimon Adve...


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